[JDEV] Chatting with the correct resource

Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Wed Nov 5 12:50:20 CST 2003

ons 2003-11-05 klockan 19.14 skrev Joe Hildebrand:
> This is one of those things that is a little counter-intuitive.  The
> language that's in the spec is correct, particularly when combined with 
> the rule that if a message is sent to a non-existent resource, it gets
> delivered as if it has no resource.
> There have been clients in the past that always sent to the user at host jid
> (which is what you are suggesting), and user-experience-wise, they aren't
> great, since some of the messages in a conversation end up going to the 
> two different resources, as auto-away priority changes happen.

Any pointers to these clients and a discussion on what wasn't great
about them?

> The rules that are in the spec are our based on our best practices based
> on real use patterns that we've seen.

Hmm .. so someone (Jabber Inc.?) has made real user testing regarding
this and come up with the fact that trying to send to the client where
the user is is a bad idea? 

And then the spec. enforces the client author to conform with these
findings? I think it's a bit weird that the spec. should enforce how the
UI that implements it should behave. 

Any suggestions on how to handle this then? For example, I change
computers and goes to my laptop, my desktop client is set to away (by
autoaway or manually setting it to away), I log into my laptop. My
friend who I where chatting with before writes me an important question,
which goes to my desktop since he happened to chat with that resource. A
few hours later I go back to my desktop and see that he has written the

If the message followed the client where I actually is, this wouldn't
have happened. Is there any solution to this with the current spec?

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