[JDEV] Chatting with the correct resource

Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Wed Nov 5 16:08:31 CST 2003

ons 2003-11-05 klockan 21.40 skrev Justin Karneges:

> The solution is to inform others where you actually are. ;-)
> Just because you recently signed on with another resource does not 
> indicate that you are physically there.  If you have a laptop and a
> desktop both connected to Jabber with different resources, and both in
> different locations in your house, and you are standing in the
> hallway, where shall new messages go?

To the client where you are online (in our case same client as the one
with highest priority. You have this problem no matter what solution you
are using though.

And for me it's impossible to know which of your two clients to send the
messages for so it's a 50-50 that they end up in the wrong screen even
if I know you are in the hallway.

What I do know though is that you are set to available on your laptop
but away (due to auto-away) on your desktop. Then it's a bigger chance
that you are going to see the message on your laptop.

> I say ensure that the priority value is accurate for where you want new 
> messages to go, and then your friends' clients should be able to use
> this as a hint.  For a newbie client, you might have their chat window
> immediately switch resources to the highest priority. 

Yes, but that doesn't work with the spec if I understand it correctly?
Since you have to send the messages to the resource you are chatting
with, even if there is another client coming online that has a higher
priority. This is exactly what I want to do, only that the client itself
handles the priority setting.

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