[JDEV] Re: Public Serverlist page

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Fri Nov 7 08:07:35 CST 2003

maqi at jabberstudio.org wrote:
> I'm currently running tests with an automated server check script that
> queries versions and services of a list of Jabber servers. Apart from the
> servers you mentioned, some more servers seem to be buggy, for example the
> server connect to kanga.nu fails (despite the fact that kanga.nu listens
> on port 5269). S2S with dotgeek.org does not work at all.

BTW if we're going to keep a list with the capabilities/uptimes of the 
server could we also check the basic services like MSN/ICQ/PubSub/etc 
with some simple tests?

Installed Psi for both my girlfriend an my sister with the amessage.de 
MSN transport but this transport has been down for several days now ;( 
Would be nice to know these things in advance ;)


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