[JDEV] MSN-T not sending presences to real MSN users

James Bunton james at delx.cjb.net
Fri Nov 7 15:41:50 CST 2003

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Oops... Accidentally sent this to jadmin first.. :)

> I'm using the MSN gateway. When I :
> - remove an MSN contact
> - add it again
> My MSN contact doesn't see me as online anymore, but I see him as
> online.
> I discovered that deleting an MSN contact removes the <item
> jid='user at hotmail.com' subscription='both'/> from my jid.xml file in the
> spool dir of my MSN gateway.
> But when I add it again, the <item> tag isn't re-added to the file.
> If I add it manually, to the file, I receive a message "We unsubscribed
> from user%hotmail at mymsngateway, and the line is removed from the file
> again.
> Can someone explain this behaviour ?

Whenever your jabber client sends remove authorisation packet to an MSN user,
MSN-t adds that user to your block list.

If your client supports XML streaming, this is what the packet looks like for

<!-- This is the remove auth packet -->
<presence type="unsubscribed" to="person%hotmail.com at msn.delx.cjb.net" />

<!-- This is what removes the user from your contact list -->
<iq type="set" id="ab0ca" >
<query xmlns="jabber:iq:roster" >
<item subscription="remove" jid="person%hotmail.com at msn.delx.cjb.net" />

My client by default doesn't send a remove auth packet to users when they're
removed from my list, so if I delete somebody, they are still subscribed to
my presence. Have a look and see if yours does.

The reason MSN-t does this is because there is that after authorising an MSN
user, the only way to stop them from seeing your presence is to block them.
Blocking them also means that you will not receive messages or other auth
requests from them.

The quick fix is to resend auth to those people, your client should have an
option for this. In Psi it's right-click -> Authorisation -> Resend Auth

<!-- This puts the MSN user back in your allow list -->
<presence type="subscribed" to="person%hotmail.com at msn.delx.cjb.net" />

Hope all that helps.

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