[JDEV] is there a tracking id parameter?

John Luxford johnluxford at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 10 02:13:57 CST 2003


I'm wondering if there is a field I can pass with messages which will 
be returned by clients, for the purpose of associating messages with 
one another on a system that doesn't implement jabber but merely 
integrates with it.  For example (email example):

My system might send a message with a subject line that is prefixed 
with "[msg543]" then when the reply is to the system's address, the 
subject line would be "Re: [msg543] subject line..." which could be 
interpreted by the system to associate the response with message #543 
which would only make sense to the internal message storage system.  
(Just like an email mailing list subject line).

I thought to do this with a Jabber subject line, but the subject seems 
to be ignored (if displayed at all) by most clients.  I also checked 
the specs as well as JEPs, but couldn't find what I'm looking/hoping 
for.  Any advice/pointers/info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,



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