[JDEV] Videoconferencing with jabber

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Wed Nov 19 09:56:30 CST 2003

> Between two endpoints there are many things like firewalls, routers and
> the like, this leads to the only solution: a relay or a server. 

Which of course has some obvious drawbacks. First thing is that someone 
needs to provide a server (for free) and a _lot_ of bandwidth, 
especially if you're going to do video.

Other problem is logistics. If I'm talking to my girlfriend (who lives 
in the same city) then it's kind of wastefull if that connection goes 
through some server in the US. This will also add at least 100ms of latency.

So yes, from a technical point of view using a relay/server is the way 
to go, it solves quite a bit of firewall/routing problems. But from the 
user point of view using intermediate servers just sucks :D Especially 
if those servers go down or can't handle the load.

Same thing goed for filetransfer BTW.

Hmm, isn't http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0065.html (SOCKS5 Bytestreams) 
supposed to handle all this? If I understand this JEP correctly it first 
tries do open a direct connection between two clients. If that doesn't 
work it reverts to using a proxy.


(BTW why can anyone expain to me why JEP65 doesn't work with SOCKS5 
servers :? Couldn't find that in the JEP, it only says that it doesn't work)

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