[JDEV] how about a pair programming tools(java) using the jabber

irt irt3 at 21cn.com
Sat Nov 22 20:07:47 CST 2003

pair-programing is concept  from extrem programming,But there's not goods tools supporting it.

I'm wondering there's a possibility using jabber's conferece room to build pair-programing tools for object-oriented programming(my focus is on java)

My suggestion is that: let every object in the programming being a roster in the conferece room,you can chat with it using scripts,using scripts to change it's method and member variable,and even create new class/object.

It's something like MOO,but more poweful.Bot in the server side could remeber your scripts,and output them into source package,i.e.,a repository service.It may not only for programming,but also a good tools for collaborative testing.

Using Beanshell as scripts bot may be a good starting point.Other technology like AOP,dynamic proxy could be cosidered.

Any suggestion is welcome!

steele xu

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