[JDEV] External component and s2s

Glenn MacGregor gtm at highstreetnetworks.com
Mon Nov 24 08:46:41 CST 2003

Hi All,

I am wondering if server to server comms works for external components? Meaning I have 2 jabber servers both running external component (comp1). If I am logged into server 1 and want to send an IQ to comp1 on server 2 is this possible? How do I configure the components?


    I am logged into server1 at this point.
    <iq to=comp1 at server2.domain.com type="get" id="100"><query xmlns="ns:ns:ns"/></iq>

I can see that server2 is getting the packet and returning a 404 error. I assume that this is because my component is not configured as service id = comp1 at server2.domain.com but rather "comp1". When trying to configure it as comp1 at server2.domain.com I get an error on startup, Invalid service name.

I am using jabber 1.4.2. Any help would be great. 


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