[JDEV] Videoconferencing with jabber / Re: [speex-dev]Videoconferencing with speex and jabber

Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerJabber at openwin.de
Tue Nov 25 17:12:13 CST 2003

Hi Riachard,

> Ok thats fine but in the majority of cases for normal use each individual
> conversation will only have two participants, we shouldnt be enforcing a
> server based solution on those users when it isnt necessary. 

Yes, i agree. If only two people are talking that is fine. Jabber ist
the base and someone told me before (i hav edownlaoded the jep), that
we can get the IP of the other. I think that is fine. Perhaps we need
a gateway-software for the gateway-hardware (linux box) because one
of them have perhaps a VPN IP like 192.168.1.x

This is allready in the CaminoTalks (the name of the videoconferencing 
software) spec.

> There is also
> the matter of the hosting of these central combination servers, since they
> will be quite bandwidth hungry they are not likely to be offered for free

Yes, that is fine. I had started this because there are not much 
posibilities. There are no ILS-Servers anymore, MSN-Messenger doesn't 
allow a connection between Win98 and XP, H323 sucks for firewalling and
the freecom servers are much to expensive for private use.

A lot of people have websites and perhaps the providers will provide
them with servers for private use. Even if there are servers which have 
to be paid like the telephone has to be paid, this is much better then
to pay 10$ per month for one meeting.

> meaning people would have to pay a subscription to be able to use them, now
> why force this on people where it is not needed and it could be done p2p for
> free?

Absolutely right!

> also what happens when the server is full? no one will be able to
> audio or video conference with each other at all, the server also becomes a
> major point of failure and a possible target for a DDoS attack. 

Yes, also true. So there must be a lot of servers only running some streams.

> Also
> remember with broadband connections (and silence detection) there will be
> plenty of bandwidth available for small group conferences, with my broadband
> connection which only has 128kbps upstream assuming an 8kbps audio stream I
> will be able to p2p group conference with over 12 people (using up 96kbps),
> now that is more than plenty for normal people.

Yes, thats true. I have also DSL. But my Mother in the nevada foot hills
have only a 36kboud connection with the modem.

> This argument so far seems to be mainly about people making things
> complicated simply for the sake of doing it and not thinking about the end
> users, if peoples use of existing systems is anything to go by 90% of
> audio/video conversations will only be between two people (for real normal
> users).

I agree with you. The Software will go in that way. If only two people 
are conferencing it will use the p2p. If there are more, it will switch 
to the server mode and will go ahead. This will only take - lets say a 
second - so it is not really disturbing.

Best Regards,

Carsten Breuer

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