[JDEV] Access to IRC gateway and/or Jabber Gateway Framework (JGF)

Angel Asencio asencio at mitre.org
Tue Nov 25 17:55:40 CST 2003


Sorry if this issue has been answered before, but I just started working 
with Jabber.
(If this is supposed to be posted in another mailing list, please let me 

I have been requested before the end of December to generate a prototype 
that can do the following :

Jabber client <-> Jabber Server <-> IRC Gateway <->  IRC Server <-> IRC 

Bottomline: Jabber client, through Jabber server, talks to IRC client 
located in an IRC server where both servers are located in Solaris 8/9 

I found



and the jabber/C expert around here was able to make the contact with
Jabberd 1.4 and IRCU 2.x, but no communication yet.

My programming language of preference is Java, so I decided to check out
Jabber Gateway Framework ( JGF ) but no binary/source code has been 

At least, based on the keywords I chose, the most I could find were the 
1.40 transport
and the reference to JGF.

For both of them, the sense I got is "coming soon for 1.4".   I have not 
seen any ETA, so I presume that none will be released before the end of 

If that is case, is there a way that I could get either working version, 
so I could demonstrate the prototype?


-Angel Asencio
Senior Technical Staff
The MITRE corp.
asencio at mitre.org

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