[JDEV] Videoconferencing with jabber / Re: [speex-dev]Videoconferencing with speex and jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Nov 25 18:21:42 CST 2003

> A lot of people have websites and perhaps the providers will provide
> them with servers for private use. Even if there are servers which have
> to be paid like the telephone has to be paid, this is much better then
> to pay 10$ per month for one meeting.

But not many if any of those personal webhosts will ever let you run your
own programs on the server plus they often frown upon anything that will be
bandwidth hungry anyway.

> > Also
> > remember with broadband connections (and silence detection) there will
> > plenty of bandwidth available for small group conferences, with my
> > connection which only has 128kbps upstream assuming an 8kbps audio
stream I
> > will be able to p2p group conference with over 12 people (using up
> > now that is more than plenty for normal people.
> Yes, thats true. I have also DSL. But my Mother in the nevada foot hills
> have only a 36kboud connection with the modem.

That means it should still support 3 maybe 4 simultaneous streams, also
remember with silence detection you could support even more because
bandwidth will only then being used when someone is talking, and so long as
3 people arnt talking at once it should still be ok.

> > This argument so far seems to be mainly about people making things
> > complicated simply for the sake of doing it and not thinking about the
> > users, if peoples use of existing systems is anything to go by 90% of
> > audio/video conversations will only be between two people (for real
> > users).
> I agree with you. The Software will go in that way. If only two people
> are conferencing it will use the p2p. If there are more, it will switch
> to the server mode and will go ahead. This will only take - lets say a
> second - so it is not really disturbing.

Cool im glad at least someone is seeing sense at last :) But still you could
always as part of the group audio conference setup process determine the
bandwidth and capabilities of all the parties concerned and if all the
parties have enough bandwidth still use p2p for more than 2 people.


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