[JDEV] Videoconferencing with jabber/Re:[speex-dev]Videoconferencing with speex and jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Fri Nov 28 05:58:21 CST 2003

> Am Fr, 2003-11-28 um 11.21 schrieb Richard Dobson:
> > > I'd much more like an approach which enhances the MUC protocol by
> > > conference commands. The only command i really miss in MUC is IGNORE
> > > (server based).
> >
> > There is no reason a p2p audio conference iniation protocol couldnt be
> > to MUC, it would be a perfect place for inviting people into an audio
> > conference which can use whatever protocol we design for managing the
> > audio conferences, all we would need in MUC is a simple invitations
> > protocol.
> >
> and some other stuff, like MUTE/IGNORE.

Possibly but thats probably best included in the actual generic audio
conferencing framework, although in a server mixer based setup this will not
really be possible without a major increase in processor requirements on the
server (i.e. the server would have to individually mix/encode each outgoing
stream for each user based on their preferences, rather than mixing/encoding
the stream once and sending that out to all users).


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