[JDEV] Re: Videoconferencing with jabber/Re:[speex-dev]Videoconferencing with speex and jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Fri Nov 28 09:08:38 CST 2003

> So what you _was_ saying, were that this is totally an issue of the
> client implementation to do whatever it wants to do to get the
> audio/video out?

Yup its an issue of client implementation

> If thats the point I, then I don't care and I don't know why we got into
> this debate. Then it is of no importance to the protocol, right?

Yup it has no specific importance to the protocol per se, it was in response
to someone saying a client having to mix and output through their speakers
was too much work for it, I was demonstrating a method that you can use to
help mitigate that, and showing that server mode cannot really take
advantage of that and has even more requirements imposed on it and so has a
downside in that area.

> Trying to make sure that people don't rely on proprietary thing that
> cannot be implementet on all platforms, if thats zealotry, then Ok. But
> that's not zealotry in my world.

That was my point tho, I wasnt saying it should be relied on on all
platforms, just that its a way for windows developers to help performance, I
never suggested that it should be relied on for it to work so your worries
are baseless, my point is that if you had read it properly then you wouldnt
have felt the need to write the message you did (if didnt explain it
properly then im sorry, but if you can point out what part of the text you
misunderstood offlist so I can understand why you thought what you did and
ill endevour in future to further clarify anything like that).


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