[JDEV] Videoconferencing with jabber /Re:[speex-dev]Videoconferencing with speex and jabber

Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerJabber at openwin.de
Fri Nov 28 15:26:34 CST 2003

Hi Richard,

> There is no reason a p2p audio conference iniation protocol couldnt be added
> to MUC, it would be a perfect place for inviting people into an audio
> conference which can use whatever protocol we design for managing the normal
> audio conferences, all we would need in MUC is a simple invitations
> protocol.

But please keep in mind that we want to have also a videoconference.
So we have tree types:

- chat only
- audio only.
- video and audio

This must also be implemented in the MUC.

Best Regards,

Carsten Breuer

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