[JDEV] Videoconferencing with jabber/Re:[speex-dev]Videoconferencing with speex and jabber

Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerJabber at openwin.de
Fri Nov 28 16:01:27 CST 2003

Hi Richard, once again:

>>Well, I think it is better to solve the hard problems up front. We are
>>talking conferencing, not audio chat. It gets a big deal when you include
>>video. If we get the framework right for audio then an audio-video
>>environment is just a bigger datastream but the bandwidth gets lumpy...so
>>better to ensure the bandwidth is properly considered. I am a bit of a
>>tartar when it comes to what name we give. If this is audio chat protocol
>>then I will shut up as it is a different problem domain.
> I have been talking about audio conferencing, not video, thats is a whole
> different kettle of fish, we should try to do each the best way, and for
> normal people p2p is the best way for audio.

It should be all posible. We dont onyl rely on audio, because the 
original subject was videoconferencing.

> Sure but you cant really "mix" video streams very sucessfully can you? 

We never want taht. The problem with audio was, that there is only one 
chanel to play off. The videos can all be shown on the monitor, one
by one. That is not the problem. Of course the server can distribute 
that stuff so taht not all clients must send all videos to all
clients (same discussion again).

> yea 42 audio streams in total are buzzing around, but that doesnt matter as
> that doesnt really have any impact on each individual client, quoting this
> total stream number is irrelivant as the only impact on the client is the
> total number of streams it is receiving and sending. Also I wasnt assuming
> that everyone has windows (when did I?) I was just showing a solution that
> will work on 90% of client machines (if the market share figures are to be
> believed), i expect there is a similar solution for Linux but I dont know
> much about that sort of thing in Linux so I didnt mention that, there is no
> point in not using a technology just because it is made by microsoft, lets
> not turn this into some kind of silly holy war.

We dont want a war, but if Microsoft controls that stuff you never know 
when they switch of the light. Also Microsoft rely on SIP and they dont 
have any interest to support XMPP in any way. Try to install Windows 
Media Player 9.1 and read, what they say about the spyware components
they want to install. If you read my first mail, i said that cross 
platform is very important to that stuff. I hate it if i cant use
GnuCash or GnomeMeeting on Windows and FileZilla on Linux.
So i use wxWindows to get that problem fixed.

Best Regards,

Carsten Breuer

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