[JDEV] Re:

Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerJabber at openwin.de
Fri Nov 28 16:09:04 CST 2003


>>The thought was, the protocol defines administration in p2p, for some
>>reasons ... i.e. ban/kick, a client does not necessarily have to follow
>>these specs, i can silently ignore a ban/kick.
> Ah yes the client could ignore someone (quite a good idea), but whoever is
> the op/admin could also have the ability to kick someone from the chat
> entirely.

Sure, that should be the initial person or the maintainer
oif the conference. There shoudl also be a private area where
people need the permission of - at leats - the maintainer
to contribute.

>>i pulled in an existing example, the same goes for the 'invisible'
>>presence, to show that a p2p spec won't lead anywhere beside sharing
>>streams. That really is my opinion on this.
>>if a client doesn't implement presence inv. an inv user still is

Only to be sure: Nobody should listen to a conference without to be 
visible for the other useres. No spys!


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