[JDEV] Videoconferencing with jabber/Re:[speex-dev]Videoconferencing with speex and jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Sun Nov 30 16:06:22 CST 2003

> Yes, and for that you need a smart load balancing if you doing so.
> You can measure some things before you add the one to the list.
> So it is 3 phase:
> 1. Someone want to join the conference
> 2. His internet capabilitys are measure by a client or server
>     who has enaugh bandwith.
> 3. If the client can be added without danger for the conference,
>     he is added.
> BTW: There coud also be more then one client acting as a server.

I still have not seen a good argument as to why we need to have clients
acting as these media proxying servers, I am still convinced we need to have
2 modes of fully p2p or client server with the server being a proper
dedicated machine that we shouldnt be burdening clients with having to
implement a server into itself.

> >>one thing forgotten, someone will definitely host the relay servers,
> >>this can definitely be good advertising!
> Hey, i have meationed that before <vbg>.

Read below as I think your optimism is misplaced in the real world

> > I think you are very wrong, also where does the advertising come in??
> > remember internet advertising is still in a slump after the dot com bust
> > I dont think just advertising would really cover the cost anyway.
> Could be, i dont know.
> However IM ist just starting to be hipp. This will increase much more if
> people can use the stuff on there PDA's anywhere. So we are the pioneers
> of a new and free technologie here (1). I think most people dont like
> chat, because they dont have the emotional feedback. I said to my
> sister, hey let us make a chat conference and she said: "I hate chat
> conferences, come back if the video stuff is ready! How long will it
> takes?". So this could be a large argument of advertising.

Sorry but in the real world of internet based advertising (I actually do
have actual current experience in this area as my company operates in this
area as part of our business) sence has won out and prices for advertising
have gone down to realistic levels and it is very unlikely that they will go
back up to pre dot com boom levels, also I find that people are starting to
react badly to advertising that seems to be even remotely intrusive which
advertising interrupting a voice or video conference would be IMO, that is
the only real way you could advertise in this sort of service. So overall I
think your optimism about advertising opportunity is rather misplaced in the
real world, also because of the current low prices of the advertising I
think you would find it very hard to get enough income of maintain such a
service (which because of the likely bandwidth demands would be rather

> If you are on the airport with your PDA dpoing a videoconference and
> the teh owner of the WLAN can give you advertising about the restaurants
> around, this si a complete different scenario.

I think this is a rather unlikely scenario, very few ISP's have installed
Jabber servers and until a lot more major ISP's install Jabber servers for
their subscribers I expect that even fewer people will setup these media
mixing servers.


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