[JDEV] Promiscuous presence for user communities (with patch)

Steven Brown swbrown at ucsd.edu
Wed Oct 1 14:39:20 CDT 2003

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> My 2c's, another approach...
> Create a 'group-JID'. You then subscribe to presence of the 
> group JID just
> like you would to presence of another user. 
> All presence, IQ, and messaging messages sent to the group 
> JID is fanned out
> to all subscribers. This needs a module on the server to 
> handle the fan-out
> and membership access control.
> The nice thing of this method is that you don't need to know 
> in advance who
> the group members are, but you can still reach them.
> The problem to solve is how you create a group JID within the existing
> protocol. Maybe another namespace while creating the group account? 

There's a pub-sub approach (like you're getting at) and a bcc approach,
but you can't get the user's trustees those ways (promiscuous presence
should only go to those who aren't trustees), there are issues sending
to the connected set of users on the same server and resisting probes
from other servers, and they are unnecessarily complex.  Promiscuous
presence is a simple tweak to the available state and conceptually just
looks really clean.

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