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tom.g at skynet.be tom.g at skynet.be
Thu Oct 2 01:37:54 CDT 2003

I'm writing a thunderbird plugin that puts todo-notes on pubsub space. There is a possibility to use the program with multiple JIDs. 
There are users that can only read the notes (not subscribed, not owner)
and there are users that can delete,add, remove (owner, subscribed)
only the owner recieve notifications when there is change.

All of it works but there are 2 problems:
- because only the program (jabbedo) understands the pubsub note events, only jabbedo should recieve them (not the chat client running on the same JID but with a different resource and a higher priority).. BUT when i add an affiliation with a resource (name at server/jabbedo) nothing will be recieved.

- because jabbedo is only waiting for pubsub events (notes) and items should not recieve roster information.. so i would not like to send presence. But when i don't send presence i don't recieve any events. Presence invisble still recieves all roster items and recieves all offline messages.

Tom Germeau
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