[JDEV] jabber applet over firewall

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Sun Oct 5 04:51:36 CDT 2003

Hi Hernux!

hernux schrieb am 2003-10-03 20:36:24:
> You should try HTTP Polling... the only one implementation I know is this
> http://devel.amessage.info/ ... I've never tryied..

I stopped work on this patch as I noticed that it does not help in many
cases. In most cases when the applet is not able to connect to the
standard Jabber port it is also impossible for the applet to establish
polling connections.
I expected that the applet uses the browser configured proxy if it
generates http requests. But this is not the case (at least in the Sun
implementation). The classes in the Java runtime that make the http
requests don't use the proxy and always try to make a direct connection
that isn't possible most of the time then. Configuring them to use the
proxy is not possible as this connections are not allowed in the sand
box of an Java applet.
(And in addition the last released patch uses an old version of the
polling JEP.)

Tot kijk

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