[JDEV] NGMP comments

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Sun Oct 5 05:51:33 CDT 2003


I read about the Jabber and IM2000 based NGMP (Next Generation Mail

Two comments:

- Why make a new mail protocol? For me XMPP/Jabber already is a new mail
  protocol and IM for me is the successor of mail.

- I don't like the concept of IM2000 where the sender stores the
  messages and the receiver gets them at the senders server when it
  reads it.
  On the one hand this is a privacy problem as the sender (if it
  operates the server on its own) can see when the receiver reads the
  message and the receiver can nothing do against this.
  On the other hand this would increase the spam problem as the spamers
  would get better knowledge on which mail addresses exist and are read.

Tot kijk

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