[JDEV] MU-conference and XDB_SQL

Bernino Lind lind at subsilo.dk
Mon Oct 6 03:47:52 CDT 2003

Dear sirs,

A potential bug, which I have not investigated further, as it is not
crucial to my setup:

When adding muc:room* to xdb_sql NS this additional code to xdb_sql
works under jabberd14.

When registering a room I see data in the table roomregistration.
However after ca. 3-5 hours depending on user load, less if many users,
my mu-conference stops answering calls and no mu-conference service is

Deleting the data from the roomregistration makes mu-conference behave
stable again no matter the user load and/or the number of dynamically
created rooms.

Best regards,
Bernino Lind

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