[JDEV] Perl Net::Jabber roster handling (perl client authorizing subscription)

Moore, Michael MMoore at osc.uscg.mil
Tue Oct 7 11:01:52 CDT 2003


I'm looking in the docs on CPAN for Net::Jabber and I can make the perl
client subcribe to another "normal" client and they get their presense stuff
going back and forth just fine. I'm trying to get the perl clients (load
testing script) to accept subscriptions to their presence, but I just
haven't seen anything that looks clearly like a method to authorize (or even
recognize subscription requests). I'm sure I could get something to work the
hard way, but there has to be some callback  somewhere for it, since there
is for everything else. Am I nuts? Am I blind? Probably both. :)

If someone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it!



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