[JDEV] Perl Net::Jabber roster handling (perl client authorizing subscription)

Matt Mankins mankins at media.mit.edu
Tue Oct 7 11:18:16 CDT 2003

> haven't seen anything that looks clearly like a method to authorize (or even
> recognize subscription requests). I'm sure I could get something to work the
> hard way, but there has to be some callback  somewhere for it, since there
> is for everything else. Am I nuts? Am I blind? Probably both. :)


                             'available' => \&presence_available,
                             'unavailable' => \&presence_unavailable,
                             'subscribe' => \&presence_subscribe,
                             'unsubscribe' => \&presence_unsubscribe,
                             'subscribed' => \&presence_subscribed,
                             'unsubscribed' => \&presence_unsubscribed,

You might also find it useful to have a lower level message/iq callback.  
Sometimes they get in each other's way.

Most of the meat for Net::Jabber is in the Net::Jabber::Protocol perldoc, 
so that's probably why you thought you were blind reading Net::Jabber 
docs. :)

Hope that helps.

Matt Mankins

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