[JDEV] re: customerize look and feel

Mike Prince mike at mikeprince.com
Tue Oct 7 18:37:14 CDT 2003

A Jabber server implements the XMPP protocol.  The server interacts with
XMPP clients, other servers, and "add-on" components.

Jabber is front ended by XMPP clients which come in all shapes and
sizes.  I run mov softwares client on my pocketPC, I have a Java Applet
which runs on my web pages, Windows users may have Exodus running, while
Linux fans might use GAIM.  Check out the client listings on

If the Jabber server + off the shelf components can do what you want,
then you just have to choose a client to drop in your webpages.  If you
want some client customization, then an open source client + your own
programmers can move you in that direction pretty quickly.

At times, you may want more/different features than what the Jabber
server provides out of the box.  Again, your programmers can either
write server side components to increase the feature set, or you can
even hack the Jabber server itself.  All the code is available so the
sky's the limit :)

Hope that helps,


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> To whom who concern,
> We've Jabber Server 1.2 installed, is there anyway to 
> customerize the look and feel of the front end? what I mean 
> is: We want to merge jabber instant messager with our web 
> site, so when user using the "live" Discussion Forum from our 
> web site, it got our company web site "look an feel" but with 
> Jabber as of the back end.

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