[JDEV] jabber client for windows

Jason Frankel jason.frankel at winfessor.com
Wed Oct 8 11:48:03 CDT 2003

If you want to do it in managed C++ or C# then you could use the SoapBox
Framework (www.winfessor.com)
It's an advanced .NET Library for Jabber and XMPP communications. It
includes a few samples of which a sample client is one of them.

It runs on the .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework, and Mono.

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> Hi,
> I wanted to develop a windows client for the jabber server (
Jabber1.4.2 ).  I know that there
> are some open source libraries, but i want to build a windows jabber
client(in c or c++) and i
> am not sure that those  will work for windows . So please help me where i
can get the one that
> will be helpful for building a win client.
>  thanks in advance,
>  regards,
>  Nagappa
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