[JDEV] Re: jabberd 1.4.3 release candidate

Frank Seesink frank at mail.wvnet.edu
Sun Oct 12 13:29:50 CDT 2003


Checked out the CVS code.  A few questions:

1.  I notice that ./jabberd/pth-1.4.0 is not in CVS.  Will the final 
tar/gzip file contain this when v1.4.3 is released (as it was in v1.4.2)?

2.  I also noticed a few minor changes to ./configure, namely removing 
instructions for building pth.  Will those be restored as in 1.4.2?

I'm working on patches to allow jabberd to compile cleanly under Cygwin 
like it does under *nix.  This basically involves just modifying various 
Makefiles, and following some simple steps like building pth before 
attempting to build jabberd (hence the questions).  I'm doing the same 
for JUD, MU-Conference, xdb_ldap, and xdb_sql (all of which I've gotten 
to compile).

I've had v1.4.2 running in production under Cygwin since July (dept. use 
only), with SSL support, JUD v0.5, and MU-Conference v0.3 (v0.5.2 would 
cause segfaults, but v0.3 works great).  Recently I tried turning up s2s 
and had jabberd segfault.

In short, the two things that bite you in Cygwin are dynamic libraries 
and lack of BIND/libresolv.  I plan to write up more on this in the 
future, but basically dynamic libraries in Windows end in .DLL, not .a, 
and require the use of a Cygwin wrapper tool so that they are loaded by 
Windows properly.  As for libresolv, Cygwin still does not offer a BIND 
or equivalent package, and it is ONLY an issue for compiling apps which 
require DNS resolution (like Jabber) via functions like res_query() 
normally offered in the libresolv library.  Other than these two 
differences, building under Cygwin is really no different than Linux 
(heck, Red Hat maintains Cygwin :-) ).

Also recently discovered minires v0.9.7, a nice non-caching resolver 
written by someone obviously as frustrated with the lack of a libresolv 
as I am.  This MAY allow jabber (both 1.4.x & 2.0.0) to build cleanly 
under Cygwin--1.4.x via the modified Makefiles I will submit, 2.0.0 by 
the fact they're using autoconf and all the newer tools which I believe 
now automate the building of DLLs even under Cygwin.  But won't know 
with 2.0.0 'til I get past the ./configure script (it's giving me sh*tfits).

Starting to test the 1.4.3 build now.  More to come soon.

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> On behalf of the jabberd 1.4 team, I'd like to announce a release
> candidate for jabberd 1.4.3. It is expected that this will be the
> terminal release for the jabberd 1.4 codebase. In order to test this
> release, please check out the tagged code from the 'jabberd14' module 
> on JabberStudio by typing the following command:
>    cvs co -r JABBERD_1_4_3 jabberd14
> For the next week, the jabberd 1.4 team will accept code patches that
> fix known bugs in the code (NO NEW FEATURES!). Please send any patches
> to jdev at jabber.org before the end of the day on Wednesday, October 15.
> Thanks.
> Peter

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