[JDEV] Re: Invisible Presence with Transports

Tony Cheung tony.cheung at asiayeah.com
Wed Oct 15 11:19:01 CDT 2003

Mike Mintz wrote:
> In the recent/upcoming invisible presence option, how
> will it be possible to take advantage of the invisible
> option in other instant messaging services through
> transports?  It seems to me that if one sent out
> invisible presence, the transports would see that as
> the user going offline, or not being online in the
> first place (depending on when it is sent).
> How would it be possible to tell the transport you
> want to be invisible in the instant messaging service
> it is connecting you with?
>  - MikeM
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I am bringing up an old issue (dated back in 2001) about supporting 
invisible mode for transport users.

I have found that when "<presence type="invisible"/>" is sent out, the 
transports will simply lose connections.

Is there any thought on how to get invisible to all users, while 
maintaing connectivity to the transport gateways?

At least, is there any way to get invisible to all Jabber users, while 
get visible to all transport users? I know there is a way of sending 
invisible presences to individual users, so that we could potentially 
send invisible requests to all Jabber contacts, but it may not be a good 
elegant or practical solution.

Any idea?

Thank you.

Tony Cheung

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