[JDEV] using jabber like an applicaton frontend

Chris Pile cpile at snoogans.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 09:40:32 CDT 2003

You could either write a jabber client that connects to the jabber 
server normally (e.g. port 5222) and acts like a user bot.  Users could 
then send commands to the bot as they would normal users, but the bot 
would interpret the messages and act accordingly.

Or you could write a full on component that connects to the server via 
it's own port.  Users would register with the component and interact 
accordingly.  (http://www.jabber.org/admin/components.php).

Have a look at the following URL:

I recommend Programming Jabber by DJ Adams, and the code examples can be 
downloaded here: http://examples.oreilly.com/jabber/jabber_examples.tgz 
  (I think there are a few examples that will be useful, such as the rss 
news headlines)


Dodiesis wrote:
> Hi all!
> i've just downloaded jabber server and now i'm travelling in the code...
> but i need help.
> I need a link, a start way to extend jabber. 
> I'm tring to find the best way to execute my own C calls (or system
> calls) when jabber server receive a special "message" from client.
> like:
> client send a "special message" -> jabber server parse the xml -> a
> webcam on the server start to stream...
> ok?
> which is the best way?
> is there an existing project linke this? 
> tnx!

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