[JDEV] jadc2s on jabber.org

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Wed Oct 22 12:06:29 CDT 2003

Peter Millard wrote:
> These are all issues that the newly formed infrastructure team needs to solve
> (kernels, wpj, etc...). For now, we just need to stop delivering packets to the
> wrong people, dropping connections and be able to scale > 4k conns.

I see. You cannot change the kernel, but you can install the Jabber, Inc. connection 
manager. Why doesn't this make any sense to me?

If you are responsbile for the server right now, then you need to do what is required to 
make the server stable and scalable. Since you have made a decision to use the CCM, then 
why can't you make the decision to alter the kernel or install a different connection manager?


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