[JDEV] jadc2s on jabber.org

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Wed Oct 22 12:08:40 CDT 2003

Hi Peter!

Peter Millard schrieb am 2003-10-22 10:25:48:
> These are all issues that the newly formed infrastructure team needs to solve
> (kernels, wpj, etc...). For now, we just need to stop delivering packets to
> the wrong people, dropping connections and be able to scale > 4k conns.

To handle more connections a workaround would be to use multiple IP addresses
for "jabber.org" and serve them with multiple instances of the client
connection manager. But sure 4k shouldn't be a limit for a single
instance as long as the instance can get additional filehandles.

The biggest problem seems to be the dropped connections for me. There
were some links for tools to simulate load on the server some months
ago. Could maybe someone point me to the right places where I can find
them. I'd like to make some load testing on jadc2s.

Tot kijk

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