[JDEV] Bus error

lind at subsilo.dk lind at subsilo.dk
Wed Oct 22 06:58:40 CDT 2003

Dear sirs,

I have had jabberd core dumping on me a couple of times, increasing with #
of users.

Currently I have app. 3000 simultaneous users on a FreeBSD 4.8-stable with
xeon processor, scsi disks, and 1 GB ram.

The latest cvs jabberd is being used (lots of bugfixes with respetc to
memory leaks I hear?)

>From my core dump I can debug:
Core was generated by `jabberd'.
Program terminated with signal 10, Bus error.
#0  0x28262548 in ?? ()

>From the BSD documentation about SIGBUS:
" The signals defined by the system fall into one of
five classes: hardware conditions,
software conditions, input/output notification, process control, or
resource control.
The set of signals is defined in the file \fI<signal.h>\fP.
Hardware signals are derived from exceptional conditions which
may occur during
execution.  Such signals include SIGFPE representing floating
point and other arithmetic exceptions, SIGILL for illegal instruction
execution, SIGSEGV for addresses outside the currently assigned
area of memory, and SIGBUS for accesses that violate memory
protection constraints.

So, jabberd tries to write to memory it should not - or whats going on...?!?!

I installed the latest latest cvs jabber 1.4 yesterday and it has been up
so far, so maybe Im lucky that it has been fixed...

Anyone with similar experience?

best regards, bernino lind

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