[JDEV] Public server listings(was: Jabber to Jabber gateway and other questions)

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Fri Oct 24 12:44:57 CDT 2003

Justin Karneges wrote:
>>are created, more and more users register on those servers, but users
>>often change their minds and their servers at the same occasion.
> Part of this can be blamed on the fact that the JSF server list totally sucks.  
> It only tells you about the components each server has, and nothing about 
> userbase, availability, throughput, etc, of said server.  Nor does it give 
> any details about who is running the server or even a way to reach the admin, 
> so you don't know if it is a "fly-by-night" server that is going to be gone 
> the next day.
This is one of the problems that starting users face that I want to 
solve on jabbercentral.org. IMO there should be a script that gives a 
list of recommended list of servers to new users based on location 
(dutch users get dutch servers). Furthermore stats on nr of users, 
availability, admin, software used etc should be easily accessible..

If someone would like to build such a tool: Please contact me or post a 
message on www.jabbercentral.org

Something like this would be nice to start with :D


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