[JDEV] Jabber to Jabber gateway and other questions

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On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 13:58, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Hi,
> Jabber is growing increasingly popular those days. More and more servers
> are created, more and more users register on those servers, but users
> often change their minds and their servers at the same occasion.
> I can't find a jabber transport, that is, a transport which :
> - when logged as user1 at serveur1
> - enables me to log in as user2 on serveur2
> - and send/receive messages to friend1 at serveur3 using my user2 at serveur2
>   account.
> Does such a transport exist ? The list archives pointed me to JET on
> http://jabber.terrapin.com/, but this project doesn't seem to exist
> anymore. And I'm not use it was doing what I wanted to.
> If such a transport doesn't exist, I might consider coding one myself. I
> found some excellent docs on http://docs.jabber.org, but the site seems to
> have closed down. Where are the docs now ?
> I read that components can either be internal or external. I think one
> of the advantages of an internal component is that it can rely on xdb for
> data storage. Am I right ? What are the other pro and cons ?
> Is there a "component writing guide" ?
> http://www.jabbercentral.org/, which is supposed to contain docs,
> redirects me to http://forums.jabbercentral.org/ (browser is Moz 1.5).
> Is it normal ?
> Thank you,
> Lucas
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There is a pretty substantial problem with this: it would be really hard
to 'register' with the transport for more than one other server, just as
it's not possible to register with more than one ICQ# on a single icq

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that pose a substantial problem
for our current transport registration scheme?

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