[JDEV] Fun with class.jabber.php

Rene Bartosh kirjava at paradise.net.nz
Sat Oct 25 16:25:05 CDT 2003

 > More fun here:
 > http://jrt.jabberstudio.org/
 > /psa


I am the admin for that project (jrt). Sorry about the broken download 
for the latest version, it's fixed now. New release with account 
deletion and password changing coming soon, along with simpler UI.

Im new around here, so I guess I better introduce myself: I'm a school 
student from New Zealand with and intrest in 
computers/opensource/Linux/jabber. I am teaching myself PHP by writing 
small scripts such as JRT.

For those of you who don't know, JRT (Jabber Registration Tool) is an 
web-based PHP script allowing users to register a JID online. All it 
needs is a web server with PHP 4.something (can't quite remeber what) 
with XML support. No fancy CGI stuff, easy as to install, and great for 
the users. I'll leave that marketing lone now...

Anyway, class.jabber.php is really easy to use, just like most things 
PHP (my fave language, easy to sue/learn and simple to make HTML GUI's), 
but aparently it is not maintained. Loosing this project would be quite 
annoying, so should all us PHP devel's start a petition for Carlo 
Zottmann to check his e-mail?!


 From Rene Bartosh <kirjava at paradise.net.nz>

My Site: http://hblug.org.nz/kirjava/

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