[JDEV] Public Serverlist page

Thomas Cort tcort at cs.ubishops.ca
Sun Oct 26 01:20:52 CDT 2003

> > Why is userbase important?
> > Availablity is very important. 
> 'Userbase' indicates how popular the server is, which could translate to how 
> likely it will remain running.
It could also translate into how overloaded the system is. Using 'userbase'
isn't really important. If people picked servers based on how many people
are already on them then jabber.org would be toast.

> I want to see servers with expansive web fronts.  Forums, Account 
> registration, Server details, Whitepages, etc.  It would probably be too 
> restrictive for us to require these facilities in public servers today, as 
> all of this is generally a lot of work to put together.  But you can see what 
> I'm getting at.  I don't like today's faceless servers.  A public server 
> needs a face.  The rumor is that Jabber has more users than ICQ, but at least 
> ICQ had a decent face.
Why don't you design a "decent face" and see if you can get it included 
with jabberd and other jabber server packages? If it was included by default
people wouldn't have to duplicate work by making their own. Also, a common
web interface would be comforting to users. I could help you with this as 
I've done some of this already ( see http://pan.ubishops.ca )
> Instead we should probably have a JSF server review section, where the major 
> servers are reviewed and scored (I'm talking about a simple paragraph of 
> text), with links to their respective homepages (and if such a server has no 
> web front, how embarassing for them).
Aside from the web interface, what can be scored? If the admin is doing
his job, the server will have enough resources (bandwidth and server
hardware) and respond like any other server.


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