[JDEV] Re: Where is example-transport?

Yura Svetlanov matpoc at lenta.ru
Wed Oct 29 00:14:31 CST 2003


On 28.10.2003 23:14, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> What language do you want to write in? The best thing to do is visit the
> library page:
> http://www.jabber.org/developer/librarylist.php

I'd like to write simple transport in plain C.

> Then download a library that looks interesting and see if there are any
> examples. There really isn't much that one can say *in general* about
> writing a server component, since a lot depends on the library you're
> using (each one has a different API etc.).

Yes, I already seen those page and found only one library for Component 
developing - iksemel C library. Unfortunaly it does not contain 
transport examples.

Best regards, Yura Svetlanov.

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