Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Oct 29 22:44:43 CST 2003

Attention Jabber server developers!

We are updating the software listings at jabber.org (and preparing for
software listings at xmpp.org). Eventually we will update the client, 
component, and library listings, but the first step is to update the 
server listings. These listings will be much more complete than what is
at <http://www.jabber.org/admin/serverlist.php> right now. In order to 
update the listings, I need to gather detailed information about each
server in the list. Therefore please send me a message off-list about
which of the following you support:

XMPP Core (full support only)
XMPP IM (full support only)
JEP-0004 (x:data interfaces to the server)
JEP-0009 (jabber-rpc interfaces to the server)
JEP-0011 (jabber:iq:browse)
JEP-0012 (jabber:iq:last)
JEP-0013 (flexible offline message retrieval)
JEP-0018 (invisible presence)
JEP-0023 (message expiration)
JEP-0025 (http polling)
JEP-0030 (service discovery)
JEP-0049 (private xml storage)
JEP-0050 (ad-hoc commands)
JEP-0054 (vcard-temp)
JEP-0055 (jabber:iq:search)
JEP-0060 (publish-subscribe)
JEP-0077 (in-band registration)
JEP-0078 (jabber:iq:auth)
JEP-0079 (advanced message processing)
JEP-0090 (jabber:iq:time)
JEP-0091 (jabber:x:delay on offlie messages)
JEP-0092 (jabber:iq:version)
JEP-0106 (jid escaping)
JEP-0114 (external component protocol)
sslc2s (SSL for client-to-server over port 5223)
readme (server comes with a readme)
userguide (there is a user/admin guide)
apidocs (server has API docs)
admintool (server has an administration tool)
msgarchive (server does full message archiving)
serverstats (server supports in-depth statistics)
storefile (data storage on the file system)
storeldap (data storage in LDAP)
storeberkeley (data storage in Berkeley DB)
storepostgres (data storage in PostgreSQL)
storemysql (data storage in MySql)
storemssql (data storage in MS SQL Server)
storeoracle (data storage in Oracle DB)
storeactivedir (data storage in Active Directory)
storeother (data storage in some other storage system)

These are all boolean -- either you support them fully or you don't. If
you have been tracking the XMPP specs but support some really recent
version rather than the ones I published just the other day, we'll cut
you some slack and call your support complete. (If you support the XMPP
specs, we will list you at xmpp.org once that is up and running.)

These seem like the most important features, but feel free to suggest 
others. Perhaps items for the ability to connect or send messages via 
SMS, WAP, Wireless Village, SIP/SIMPLE, etc.? (The current features for 
"MS Exchange Integration" and "Netmeeting Integration" are not clear to 
me and to others who've asked me about them, which is why I've removed 
them from the list, but I can be convinced to add them back.)

Also I need general info:

codelang (what language your server is written in -- C, C++, Java, etc.)
license (gpl, josl, apache, bsd, freeware, shareware, or commercial)
platforms (linux, solaris, bsd, solaris, aix, hpux, osx, and windows)

If your server is not currently listed, I need product/project name and
URL as well as developer/company name and URL if appropriate.

Finally, I would also like to gather contact information for someone 
who can be responsible for providing accurate information about the 
features your server supports, and who eventually can be trusted to
update this information through a future interface on the jabber.org 
website. Given name, family name, email address, and JID should be 



P.S. Yes, we will get to other kinds of software once we finish with
the servers....

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