[JDEV] MSN transport questions

harmeet_im at kodemuse.com harmeet_im at kodemuse.com
Wed Sep 3 03:00:26 CDT 2003

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From: Nick Birren
> I'm not familiar with jabber transports code, but AFAIK the gap between
> MSNP7 and 8 is not that serious (although there's some messy https auth
> stuff).

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From: "Andrew Sayers" <andrew-list-jabber-jdev at ccl.bham.ac.uk>
> My understanding is that the move from MSNP7 to MSNP8 involves lots of
> little changes (e.g. an extra value passed with a command here and there)
> , but nothing earth-shattering.

There are a few small differences in MSN P7 and P8, but the big thing is SSL
for authentication.

I have a Java Libraray that supports MSN P8, ICQ and AIM for JDK1.3 and
higher at http://sourceforge.net/projects/miu The license is Apache style.
Could help build the transport if you need it or feel feel free to borrow
from or integrate the library.

hope this is useful,

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