[JDEV] MIU, was: MSN transport questions

maqi at jabberstudio.org maqi at jabberstudio.org
Thu Sep 4 05:26:09 CDT 2003

On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Robert Norris wrote:

>> A Java implementation for transports would be really cool. I think one of
>> the major reasons the transports do not really evolve beyond "it works for
>> basic IM and no more" is because of C.
> No, I think it doesn't get much further than just barely working is that
> writing transports is frustrating, thankless and exceptionally un-sexy
> work, and few people have the ability to push through that pain.
> I've worked on transports, I've seen the hell first hand .. I know ..

Well I have contributed quite a bit to AIM/ICQ-t and JIT. AIM/ICQ-t is
frustrating since libfaim is far from intuitive. JIT is a lot better
(since it uses libicq2000 which is coded in C++). Be assured if there was
a Java transport I already would have coded *by far* more (in fact I hope
to combine JGF and MIU once they both reach a usable state).

>From my point of view JIT greatly benefits from the fact that libicq2000
is coded in C++. Also, the fact that JIT is at least a bit commented with
Doxygen comments (Doxygen docs for JIT are generated automatically and
available from its website) makes understanding the code a great deal
easier. I find it a pity that neither jabberd14 nor jabberd2 nor most
other projects (transports...) make use of Doxygen or something similar or
have docs online.

You are the jabberd2 author?- I'd like to contribute by helping with code
docs. Contact me by mail if you agree.


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