[JDEV] MIU, was: MSN transport questions

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Thu Sep 4 19:54:04 CDT 2003

> Doxygen is a documentation of the code. Wouldn't it be better if every
> function is documented by the one that introduced it? Okay, this is much
> work for Rob, but he knows most about what are valid arguments for a
> function and what a function does.

Of course I agree that documentation within jabberd2 has been a problem,
and that real API docs would be a good thing. The problem I've had is a
severe lack of time - its taken 18 months to get the server to beta, and
thats without writing docs - how much longer would it take if I had?

Of course, it might be that the project would get more contributors if
there was decent docs. However, I've had many many people offer help
over the last year or so, and most of them I've never heard from again,
despite telling them that I'm willing to work hard to help them with
whatever they need.

On the other hand, a few people have contributed significant code
changes without documentation. So it would seem to me, while API
documentation would be nice, it certainly isn't a stumbling block to
people getting involved, if they really want to.

If people want it, then I'll start writing some. But unless its obvious
to me that it will result in code being contributed, I'm reluctant to
spend large amounts of potential coding time on it.


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