[JDEV] MIU, was: MSN transport questions

lukasm lukasm at wp-sa.pl
Fri Sep 5 06:15:10 CDT 2003

maqi at jabberstudio.org wrote:

>On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Michael Poole wrote:
>>One moderately large IRC server (~6,000 clients) on a medium sized IRC
>>network (~40,000 clients peak) has been up for 56 days and received
>>1.4 billion lines; each line would be a full stanza in native Jabber.
>>650 million lines were real messages.  That averages to 3000 and 1350
>>lines per second respectively.  If you want to seriously compete, that
>>is the performance level you should aim at.
>Well, for my part I definitely like the "take a profiler and optimize the
>things that need to get optimized" approach more than the "optimize by
>best-guess" approach. Plus from own experience I know Java is *not* slow.
>People frequently confuse JRE startup times and Swing performance with the
>overall Java performance.
>Additionally, I don't think really performance is an issue (at least with
>the transports) right now. When I started working on AIM-t, there were
>several errors in it that kept it crashing even in small environments. Now

I think you are wrong, performance is main issue. I administrate 
jabber.wp.pl server with
over 500 thousands registered users. I have installed mysql search, ldap 
and JSM with jabber:iq:privacy ( You can becaome invosible for defined 
users, for example ).

I have no memory leaks and whole system works perfectly.
All servers are written in C and C++.

I'm sure servers in java willn't be as fast as servers in C, and java 
server would need 2x-5x more memory.

All advantages that java has:
 - fast development
 - libs
jabber also has.
Jabber has very good lib and memory management.

JIT uses libstdc++, very good library with hashes, trees, strings 
......, all you need.
Do you know how easy is to write module for jabber in C ?
Look at PHP module, I have written this module with my frined in one day.

You can use PHP jabber module if you want to have 100 users online.
In PHP you can write auth,search, xdb, log, archive mechanizm. Then you 
can use any database
that PHP supports.

But only servers written in C can handle 1 mln users online.



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