[JDEV] HTML Transport - Proof of concept - www.outintheuk.com

Will Tatam will at no.spamz.netmindz.net
Sat Sep 6 06:44:32 CDT 2003

Firstly the disclaimer, yes i know this is pants code but it does prove 
a point. The point is that you can intgrate jabber with any community 
website where users public profiles, send each other messages and have 
some form of contact list to see when their friends are online

Due to my programming skills Out-T is split into two parts, the first is 
a perl script based on ILE. The second is a PHP OO class that is access 
by the perl script running a series of CLI scripts.

Hopefully by posting this it will give other developers with better perl 
skills than me to write other transport for other community sites



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