[JDEV] live relation

CeDeROM cederom at tlen.pl
Sat Sep 6 11:14:45 CDT 2003


i'm new to jabber. i'm wondering would it be posiible to write 
jabber-plugin that could make jabber a "live relation server"...

i have to write live-relation apllet for a sport-club website. there 
have to be a display-client on a website, some server with database and 
website for moderators. i will write client on flash. the moderators 
would edit database by php script. the biggest problem as for now is in 
data transmision between database and client. i thought i could use 
jabber, but there isnt any extensions that could do this for me, so i've 
decided to write such plugin myself.

as i'm, new to jabber and never written any jabber-plugin i have few 
-would it be better to write internal plugin in c or some external 
"plugin" that would act as normal user (for example in php using 
class.jabber.php) ?
-if i write internal plugin, would it be executed each time some data 
are incomming or i have to queue incomming packets myself? maybe i have 
to read packets from server queue?
-if i write external plugin, i will get messages instntly from server. 
how can i queue them, so i can process only one-request at time?
-is there detailed documantation on how to write jabber-module or i have 
to look into source code of existing modules and learn from them?

thank you for help!

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