[JDEV] MIU, was: MSN transport questions

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Sun Sep 7 20:29:57 CDT 2003

> > Of course I agree that documentation within jabberd2 has been a problem,
> > and that real API docs would be a good thing. The problem I've had is a
> > severe lack of time - its taken 18 months to get the server to beta, and
> > thats without writing docs - how much longer would it take if I had?
> To my own experience it does not take very much time to write doxygen
> comments while you are coding. Often you write the same comment that
> could be used but do not mark it as a doxygen comment and therefore it
> can not be used to generated an extraction of code comments.

I guess I need to look at what doxygen does. My understanding is that it
extracts comments throughout the code, which seems fairly useless for
API docs.

> > If people want it, then I'll start writing some. But unless its obvious
> > to me that it will result in code being contributed, I'm reluctant to
> > spend large amounts of potential coding time on it.
> It meight be good to just start writing comments, better partially
> commented code than uncommented code, I think ;)

Well, I write plenty of comments, though I'll admit that I don't write
as many when I've got a good but large idea to implement :P

> But it is something you have to do and something you want to do. It's
> also better to have uncommented code than to have no code. And I am
> really looking forward to be able to use jabberd2. Thanks for your work.

I'll never want to do it, but I do think its necessary. Like I say, if
enough people want it, I'll do it.


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