[JDEV] JEP-0022 MMmm whats that type again?

Daniel Chote daniel at chote.net
Mon Sep 8 15:52:48 CDT 2003

Im kinda curious about the message type usage in JEP0022.  In the jep 
the examples messages are sent with no type attribute...
Even tho the type attribute in a message packet isnt really that 
important, and really only holds UI style relevance, there is a certain 
level of relativity you should keep.  For instance... if I am holding a 
conversation with someone, who also supports jabber:x:events, and the 
messages that are going back and forward between the two users have 
attrib type="chat" in them, shouldnt the events hold the same attribute 
type="chat"?  The argument that would go against this is of course the 
fact that messages without a body shouldnt be sent with a type... but 
thats where i disagree, because if that was the case... then the 
attribute type would hold a little more importance than just a UI 
aspect, would it not?

wouldnt it be cleaner, to structure event packets around the same base 
of the message packets that you are sending around them?  I mean, for 
clients that support threads, they all keep the thread information in 
tact, why should this be any different for the parent node of the packet?

I dunno, it doesnt really make much sense to me.
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