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Menzi, Hans HMenzi at eci.com
Wed Sep 10 14:10:15 CDT 2003

What is the difference between this project and the msn-tng one on

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Hi List!

James Bunton schrieb am 2003-09-09 18:30:08:
> I've gotten a working version of MSN-T with MSNP8...
> None of the new features of MSNP8 though.. The only noticeable
difference from 
I already wrote James of the list about that.

My advice is not to update yet to the new CVS version of msn-t. Only
users of @hotmail.com addresses can login to the MSN network with the
new version yet.

Passport uses different authentication servers for
hotmail.com/msn.com/other domains and the new HEAD of msn-transport will
only work for users of the first authentication server.

The code update needed to support other logins as well is not big, I
already wrote a "hotfix" for amessage which seems to work and that I
attached to my mail to James. I am sure James will update the code soon
so it can be used as a real msn-transport update.

Tot kijk

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