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Andrew Sayers andrew-list-jabber-jdev at ccl.bham.ac.uk
Wed Sep 10 17:39:12 CDT 2003

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(Note: I'm the primary developer on msn-tng, and my opinions are biased
to suit :)

By the sound of things, this is an attempt to patch up the old MSN
transport to work after October 15th, whereas msn-tng is a completely
new transport.  The two projects are unrelated, and I hadn't heard of
James's work before his post to jdev.

Fixing up msn-t seems like useful work: it's possible msn-tng mightn't
be finished (though I expect it will be), administrators might be
skittish about rolling out a whole new transport in a hurry, and MS are
already spamming msn-t users with nag-messages.  That said, msn-t has
more problems than lack of MSNP8 support, and unless James is planning
to take on a much larger job, I expect msn-tng will be the better choice
in the long-run.

	- Andrew
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