[JDEV] MSN Transport

Tijl Houtbeckers thoutbeckers at splendo.com
Wed Sep 10 18:58:45 CDT 2003

Andrew Sayers <andrew-list-jabber-jdev at ccl.bham.ac.uk> wrote on 11-9-
2003 0:39:12: 

>(Note: I'm the primary developer on msn-tng, and my opinions are biased
>to suit :)
>By the sound of things, this is an attempt to patch up the old MSN
>transport to work after October 15th, whereas msn-tng is a completely
>new transport.  The two projects are unrelated, and I hadn't heard of
>James's work before his post to jdev.
>Fixing up msn-t seems like useful work: it's possible msn-tng mightn't
>be finished (though I expect it will be), administrators might be
>skittish about rolling out a whole new transport in a hurry, and MS are
>already spamming msn-t users with nag-messages.  That said, msn-t has
>more problems than lack of MSNP8 support, and unless James is planning
>to take on a much larger job, I expect msn-tng will be the better 
>choice in the long-run.

In the long run, I agree I'd like to get rid of the old MSN-t, but what 
about migration? Will, when MSN7 is no longer supported, you be able to 
easily migrate users from MSN-t to MSN-tng? I can imagine there are 
thing higher on your priority list if you want to make the deadline. If 
this won't be possible before the deadline, will it become possible 

Tijl Houtbeckers,
Femke for president!! ;)

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