[JDEV] Group-chat administration.

Alon Weinstein alon at sreu.com
Thu Sep 11 02:58:46 CDT 2003

Hello all.

I'm not fully familiar with the XMPP protocol specification, and before 
diving into a project using I'd like to know if a few basic things that 
needs to be done in this project are possible using XMPP.
The main issue I'm concerned about is group-chat administration. In the 
project I am required to provide an Administrator figure for all 
group-chats. This administrator should have the ability to 
allow/disallow people from joining the group-chat, and to allow/deny 
people from taking certain actions (such as start/stop recording the 
Is this possible using the XMPP protocol, or will I have to extend it to 
allow such features? Also -- will I be able to use an existing server, 
such as Jabberd, to provide such features?



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